new stew 2

you will need:

2 habenero peppers coarsely chopped

3 hungarian hot peppers cut into rings

3 roasted red peppers cut into rings

1 medium sized sweet onion cut in half the into half rings

4 hot italian sausages

1/2 precooked chicken deboned

1 cup merlot

1 cup water

1 can red kidney beans

6 cloves garlic

fresh oregano 4 stalks or so

one beer

1 teaspoon tony chachere’s

large can of stewed tomatoes chopped

in a large pot combine tomatoes peppers water wine tony chacher’s garlic onion and beans.

bring to boil

meanwhile cook italian sausages in beer and a few large peices of onion

when fully cooked cut sausage into bite size pieces and one half of sausage cut up very small.

add sausage to pot pour in beer that sausage was cooked in

debone one half chicken  take 1/4 of the meat and cut very very small the other 3/4 of the chicken should be pulled into bite size pieces

add chicken to pot

cover and simmer at least one hour stirring regularly

serve over mashed potatoes

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