knuck the ficks

LeBron James will not be with the new york knicks next season, his mother, Gloria, said at a book signing Thursday in New York.

“He’s a hometown boy,” she said. LeBron grew up in Akron, Ohio, but his home now is Cleveland.

The James family was at the Monkey Bar for a book  party that Graydon Carter threw for “Shooting Stars”, the story of LeBron’s team at St. Vincent-St. Mary and their coach, Dru Joyce II. James authored the book with Buzz Bissinger. It is subtitled, “A Poignant, Thrilling Tale of the Power of Teamwork to Transform Young Lives and Make Dreams Come True.”

Bissinger, who wrote “Friday Night Lights,” recently said, “If you mess with LeBron around Gloria James, you better be in a witness-protection program.”

Gloria’s comments came after a Knick fan waved an arm around the elegant surroundings saying, “You don’t have anything like this in Cleveland.”

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