the a to z of j’s

aj-  when your fingering a girls vagina and miss and strike the anus

bj-  1. blow job
2. when a girl makes a guy happy in his pants by sucking on his member

cj-  receiving a Blow job While you are in a coma

dj-  To stimulate a clit with two fingers, as if scratching a record

ej-  Ear Job, when a girl gets stuffed in her ear.

fj-  fj is short for “Foot Job”. A foot job is when one gives masturbation to another with their feet.

gj-  abbreviation for gum job; performed best by the elderly and/or trailer park trash who have had a problem with gingivitis.

hj-  a handy

ij-  eye jay, or skull fucking

jj-  acronym for a “joint and jerk”, which means to smoke a joint and then jerk off.

kj-  or “koala job”
to suspend yourself from a woman’s torso in a 69 position and recieve a blowjob but give nothing in return thus resembling a koala.
eating her out while shes hanging from you is a reverse kj.other variations include k69, and the koala toss

lj-  lip job  see also gj

mj-  the michael jackson denoted by having sex with a much younger same sex partner

nj-  No Job. When you strike out on the BJ (Blow Job) and HJ (Hand Job)

oj-  when you put on a black glove and jack off

pj-  A PJ also known as “Pocket job” or “Peanut butter an jelly” Is when a female/male puts there hand in theres or someone else’s pocket that has a hole in it and starts to masturbate the lucky person.

qj-  queer job  eww

rj-  rim job , licking anus

sj-  SJ- A Sand Job
Masturbating using sand paper, it’s what lumberjacks and Chuck Norris do

tj-  “A Tentacle Job” – When receiving the equivalent of an hj, only from a being that has tentacles.

uj-  nder the table job. when you’re sitting at a table eating dinner or whatever and a girl gives you something (hj, bj) under the table

vj-  The term VJ (Vag. Job) refers to the female equivalent of a bj.
Giving a VJ is also known as perfoming cunnilingus. VJ is often used in place of cunnilingus due to its concise nature.

wj-  wizzy jizzy  the first piss a man takes after ejaculation.

xj-  The act of giving a blowjob while crying. Often an unwilling blowjob.

yj-  the why job, as in why the fuck did you do that?

zj-  oral sex performed on one who is alseep.

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