cleveland rocks, and steams, and snowmans?

the cleveland snowman

The act of using your pant leg as a sling/chute to fling feces onto the face of an enemy or anybody else. This is achieved by intentionally passing solid waste, while having gone commando in a pair of jeans or pants. The lack of underwear will lead the solid waste to travel down one pant leg. Once this is done, you lift your foot and kick at the air in front of them. This achieves the effect which earns its name from the snowman-like appearance lent to the victim by the feces; lumps of shit peppering their face much like lumps of coal on a snowman.

the cleveland rollover

If your partner falls asleep during sex, punish them by taking a dump on either side of their pillow so that if they roll over while asleep, they wake up with their face covered in shit.

the cleveland mcduck

The act of fleeing the scene of any Cleveland-related sex act, usually to avoid cleanup.

the cleveland hurricane

the Night before drink a case a beer and about 5 chili dogs. Have morning sex.When you come push as hard as you can and spackle everything with in 4 feet of you. Enjoy the destruction!!!

the cleveland steamer

when you take a dump on someone’s chest and rub it in like a steam roller, moving your ass back and forth on her chest.

the cleveland dreamer

performing a cleveland steamer on one who is unconscious

the cleveland coughdrop

When a man goes in for a physical and plays a joke on the Dr. by tucking his nuts back into his abdomen and when the Dr. goes to do the “nut check” the man laughs and lets out a HUGE cough dropping his balls into the unsuspecting Docs palm!

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