how to mummify a body

step one: insert metal hook into nose, pushing through skull into brain cavity.  break brain into small pieces and remove through nose.

throw brain away.

step two:  make an incision approximately 4 inches long on left side of abdomen.  remove large and small intestines and place into large jar.  place lid in the shape of oebehsenuf’s head on top of jar.

step 3: remove stomach, place into jar, put the lid in the shape of duamutef’s head on the jar.

step 4: remove liver and place into a third jar. place lid in the shape of imsety on the jar.

step five: remove lungs and place into a jar with the lid resembling hapy.

step 6: tilt body so all fluids drain out of abdominal cavity.

step 7: stuff body with natron to absorb all remaining moisture. this natron will stay inside the body for 40 days.  now cover the body with a pile of natron.  now we wait forty days for the body to fuly dry out.

8:  remove natron pile on body and remove natron form inside the body.

9: stuff body with linen to fill now dried out empty body cavity.

10: cover entire outside of body with resin (tree sap)

11:  wrap entire body with linen, taking time to individually wrap each finger and toe.

12: after the first layer of linen place any desired amulets on the body.

13:  wrap body for final time in linen.

14:  place mummy mask on body.

15: place mummy body into mummy case.

16: place mummy case into sarcophagus and paint eyes of horus onto sarcophagus near head.

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