lamb of god


in 1990 mark morton john campbell and chris adler formed burn the preist in richmond va.  morton soon left the band to pursue his masters degree.  he was replaced by abe spear.  five years later the band released their first demo.  after two more demos were released they added randy blythe as a vocalist.  in 1997 mark morton returned to the band, and two years later they released their first full length album.  they didn’t do so well and the band was broke.  abe spear left the band.  he was replaced by chris adler’s brother willie.  the band changed their name to lamb of god one year later due mostly to the fact that many venues would not book them because of their name.  in 2000  lamb of god released “new american gospel” and toured relentlessly for two years then back to the studio to produce “as the palaces burn” and release it in 2003.  in 2004 the band released “ashes of the wake” on it’s new label, epic.  the band toured until late 2005 and while touring made the dvd “kiladelphia” which was released as a live cd as well.  in 2006 the band released it 5th studio album entitled “sacrament”  the band toured until it was announced in august 2008 that they were going to release another studio album in 2009.  “wrath” was released in february.

heres a couple tracks

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