bernard joseph kosar jr.

the day was november 25th, the year nineteen hundred sixty three.  in the gangster ass city of youngstown ohio, a legend was born.  a man sisnce birth, a man who would create controversy in the NFL before he even decided to sign up for the draft, a man who set a league record by throwing 308 consecutive passes without an interception, a man who has a song written about him.  bernie bernie.  a pro bowl player. the same man who designed the fake spike play dan marino used.  Kosar finished his 12-season career with 1,994 completions in 3,365 attempts for 23,301 yards and 124 touchdowns, with 87 interceptions. He rushed for 265 yards and five touchdowns. He also holds an NFL record for most consecutive completed passes without an interception 308.  after that bernie became part owner of the florida panthers, opened a steak house, invested heavily in arena football, published his own magazine, became a football commentator,  married a woman named, seriously, babette, and as of the nineteenth of june 2009, filed for bankruptcy, his debts fall between $10 million and $50 million, and his assets are worth between $1 million and $10 million. Kosar’s top 20 debts totaled $19.5 million.  poor bernie. 

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