the lost city of atlantis was first mentioned by plato in his dialogues entitled timaeus and critias in the year 360 b.c.e. .  he told stories of a huge naval power that conquered most of africa and the majority of western europe.  and then after a failed attempt to capture athens it mysteriously sunk into the ocean.  since plato many people have debated over the factuality of atlantis.  in 1933 edgar cayce, the american clairvoyant, predectied that a portion ofatlantis would be found between 1968 and 1969 off of the coast of florida.  in 1968 a pilot flying over andros, a small island off of the coast of florida, observed a rectangular structure in the sea, now known as the bimini road. In 1938, SS Officer heinrich himmler sent ot a search party to tibet to find the remaining aryan atlanteans.   since then there have been many many expeditions that set out to find the lost civilization. So, where is Atlantis? Therein is the problem. The descriptions are so vague that Atlantis could be just about anywhere. At one time or another, popular theory has suggested Atlantis is Antarctica, Turkey, North America, South America, Santorini, Crete, Indonesia and a pure figment of someone’s imagination.

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