in 1999 suzuki introduced the hayabusa.  motorcycles would never be the same.   at first people didnt know what to think of this bike. it was completely different than anything they had ever seen with it’s blunt nose and extended chassis.  it sat very low compared to other sport bikes, but also was noticeably wider. it was given nicknames like ” the eye-abuser”  and “the highway bus” due to it’s awkward stance, and perceived poor handling. The first generation of the Hayabusa was called the GSX1300R and was powered by a 1299 cc inline four engine and since it’s inception has been the world’s fastest production motorcycle.  the year it was released the ‘busa did the 1/4 mile in 9.77 seconds @ 147.7 mph with a top speed of 190.6 mph.  the name hayabusa is japanese for peregrine falcon,  the world’s fastest bird.  also the hayabusa is a predator of a blackbird.  until 1999 honda held claim to the world’s fastest motorcycle,the cbr1100 xx blackbird.  since 1999 the production hayabusa has quickly built cult like followings in both the drag racing circuits and in the world of customization.  in 2008 the busa was completely redesigned. back in 2007 the bmw k1200s (1157 cc inline four) was released and claimed to be “the busa beater”  and it was… for a little while.  and then came the  kawasaki ninja zx-14 (1352 cc inline four).  it blew both the beemer and the busa away. suzuki was not havin’ that shit. new frame, new engine (1349 cc inlne four), new suspension, new busa.  it was slowed down using an electronic rev limiter which holds the bike to a modest 186 miles per hour.  however, “for offroad use only” it can be removed and the engine roars to life with a top speed of 256 mph.  it has since reclaimed the title of world’s fastest production bike.  long live the king.

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