how to properly disassemble your ak-47

1. Remove the magazine and set it aside.
2. Move the safety lever to “fire”
3. Pull back the bolt carrier lever and eject any round from the chamber.
4. While holding back bolt carrier lever, visually inspect the chamber to make sure it is empty.
5. Push the bolt carrier forward.
6. Press in the button on the rear of the receiver cover.
7. lift the rear of the receiver cover, disengage the front of the receiver cover from the slot in the rear sight housing. Pull the receiver cover free and set it aside.
8. Notice that the button you pressed in step 6 is the rear of a rod with a long spring around it that goes into the rear of the bolt carrier. Push the rear of that rod forward until it disengages from the rear of the receiver.
9. Lift the rod up and backward to remove it and its spring from the bolt carrier. Set the rod aside.
10.Push the bolt carrier lever to the rear and lift the bolt carrier upward to remove it and the bolt from the receiver.
11.Remove the bolt from the bolt carrier by moving the bolt forward and rotating it until comes free from the bolt carrier. Set the bolt and bolt carrier aside.
12.With a punch or your hand, rotate the lever on the right side of the r ear sight upward about 90 degrees.
13.Remove the gas tube and hand guard by lifting the the rear of the tube and disengaging the front of the tube from the barrel attachment it slides into. Set the gas tube aside.

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