the world’s fastest motorcycle

september 3rd 2006 rocky robinson set out to beat the world landspeed record on a two wheeled machine.  the record was an amazing 322.150 mph. rocky had configured a twin suzuki engine motorcycle, built by Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner.  he broke the record by 20.147 mph, claiming the new record at 342.297.

two days later his record would be broken by chris carr using a BUB/Sierra Design V4 engine in the BUB – Lucky 7 streamliner.  the new record was set at 350.884 miles per hour.  rocky robinson was pissed.

two yeaars and 21 days later rocky “balboa” robinson was back at the salt flats to try to reset the world record. still riding the Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner still using the same two engines.  he did it.  setting the new and current landspeed record on a two wheeled machine at 360.916 mph.

number one and number two

number one and number two

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