robo dump

you will need, batteries, recorder, dress shoes, dress pants,two  speakers, batteries, wires, and a piece of particle board.

setup is pretty simple.  the only thing worth noting are the speakers.  left channel points up for grunts, groans, and maybe even a little crying.  the right channel points down into the bowl, for splashing, doo doo noise, flatulence, and pee pee sound.  the rest of it should be pretty simple to figure out. 


top view of mans greatest achievement

top view of man's greatest achievement

  simply record doo doo sounds, pee sounds, grunts, groans, farts, splashes, etc.

the most important thing is really the shoes.  it’s gotta be the shoes.  get some nice ones.  that way people will think it is a higher up, and will be less likely to ask for a courtesy flush or offer help of some sort.  


robo dump from outside the stall

robo dump from outside the stall

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