the obama deception

this film is a little long winded and less anti obama than anti world government. the director looks a little like kevin james and is slightly long winded.  

KRS ONE has a few good points throughout the movie, as does Professor Griff, of Public Enemy.

the opening of the film speaks a little of obama and his promises of change and the platforms on which he ran.  it then shifts more to the people behind obama , the people in his cabinet and the people he appoints. the first half of the movie is more about the global elite and the world banking structure, than it is about obama.  it deals with the Council on Foreign Relations,  the Trilateral commision, the Bilderberg, the Federal Reserve, and a few other lobbying groups.

a little more than an hour into the movie the director would like to speak to you.  spread the word, but more importantly verify the facts within it.  

one thing most of all,  buy the dvd.

back to the movie.

FEMA is brought into the picture, obama’s platforms vs. his actions once elected are discussed, obama’s military policy is mentioned, as are possible scenarios of the outcome.  the global monetary system  are brought into the picture, as is the idea of a world governent.

toward the end current events are compared to past events, and the documentary draws to an end.

all and all a good movie worth watching but could have probably been shortened by about a half an hour.  the director needs to film more and rant less.  whether you support barry obama or oppose him, i would recommend watching this movie.

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