Rob Halford agrees…

november 1978, judas preist was set to release their fifth studio album,  “killing machine”.  only months after releasing the album “stained class” .  these albums were two entirely different animals.  while stained class relied much more on complex song structure and wailing guitar solos, “killing machine” had a much simpler approach, shorter songs,  and more emphasis on rob “metal god” halford’s thunderous voice.  this coupled with there recently adopted and now iconic image of metal studs and leather, well…, everything,  made this band much more popular amongst the mainstream crowd.  this was a very experimental album for the band, shifting styles from power ballads, to much heavier in your face metal, and a few places in between than can only be described by someone with a much larger vocabulary than mine.  

     however,  there was one small dilemma,  the title of the album.  the united states branch of columbia records did not like the title.  it disaproved of the “murderous implication” of the title.  it was decided to be released under the name “hellbent for leather flavored donuts” named of course after the song of the same name.  due to the  high cost of printing two album covers, columbia decided to cut a few corners.  they tossed around a few more ideas,  “hellbent for donuts” , “leather flavored donuts” , “leather nuts” ,  and my personal favorite due to it’s simplicity and true personification of judas priest  “hellbent for nuts” .  

  the album was released in the u.s. of a.  under the final title of “hellbent for leather” much to the infuriation of rob and the rest of the band.  judas preist was then forced to re-write the lyrics of their own title track,  but instead all they did was drop ” flavored donuts”  from the chorus.  

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